ECM has a track record of versatility and successful project and maintenance work. Here are few examples.

Mermaid Marine Dampier Supply Base Expansion

ECM was appointed overall project manager of the $26m expansion which included a 4000t slipway, dredging works involving 750,000 m3 of dredging, design and construction of heavy load out wharf, quarrying, land reclamation and revetment work, installation of potable and fire water storage, pumping and distribution pipe work, storm drainage, pipeline spooling area.

Hanjin Dampier Salvage, 2002 (300,000t ore carrier)

In September 2002 the Hanjin Dampier ran aground in the shipping channel in Dampier. The vessel was refloated under the direction of the salvage company by transferring approximately 5000t of cargo using a 300 tonne capacity crane onto waiting barges, for transfer to shore.

Working with Mermaid Marine, ECM provided the services for the coordination of engineering activities including the stability and structural analyses, performing the rigging study, providing mobilisation services to the barges, and supply of manpower and logistical services involving the transfer of cargo from vessel to barge to shore.

Karratha Back Beach Boat Ramp – Shire of Roebourne

ECM successfully tendered for and constructed the boat ramp and jetty.

This entailed the demolition of the old boat ramp, earthworks, supply and installation of precast concrete panels, jetty fabrication and installation. Work was required to be completed within tidal windows.

Burrup Desalination Plant Supply of Inspection Services – Watercorp

ECM tendered for the supply of construction project management services to the Watercorp and provided a civil inspector for the duration of the civil work.

Cape Lambert Dust Suppression Pipe work – Rio Tinto (SKM)

Engaged under contract to Rio Tinto with SKM as project managers, ECM was contracted to supply additional dust suppression capability to the iron ore stock piles at Cape Lambert Western Australia. This involved the supply and installation of several kilometers of dust suppression systems including the installation of HDPE and galvanized steel piping, thrust blocks and water cannons. This contract was completed on budget and ahead of program.

East Spar Equipment Building Extension – Apache Energy

Contracted to Apache Energy, ECM was engaged to extend the existing building as part of an expansion underway on Varanus Island, off the coast of Western Australia. This work included the supply and installation of rock anchors, pre cast concrete footings, structural steel, cladding and other building elements within an operating gas plant. The quarantine and logistical issues required a high degree of planning and coordination.

Cockatoo Island Ship loader and Wharf Engineering Assessment – Cockatoo Iron JV

ECM was engaged to do a preliminary engineering assessment with the view to ongoing inspection and repair work. ECM was subsequen
tly required to design and install a steel fuel pipeline from the wharf dolphin back to shore.

Restricted access along the wharf required the design and use of a specific access system and careful design of the pipeline supports and the route. Cockatoo Island is located at the northern end of the Kimberleys in Western Australia. Access to the island is by barge or light aircraft.

Sinker Pipeline and Dredger Maintenance – Ballast Ham Dredging

In Dampier, Western Australia, ECM constructed approximately 1.5 km of 800mm diameter pipeline which was progressively pushed offshore before being sunk and connected to the offshore dredge.

ECM was also engaged for the provision of boiler making and welding services on the dredge and other plant for the duration of the contract.

Plough Barge Mobilisation – Boskalis Australia

ECM was engaged by Boskalis Australia to assist with the detail design, fabrication and assembly of barge deck assemblies for their contract for dredging work at Dampier Port.

This work involved the design and fabrication of pushing frames, support beams, and deck connections, and included final assembly and installation.

Marine Construction Mobilisations and Vessel Repairs, Dampier, Western Australia

Owing to on-site welding and boiler making resources which are resident in Dampier, ECM has been involved in a great number of vessel repairs, mobilisations and demobilisations.

This work involves the supply of welding and boiler making services for the sea fastening of various offshore construction kit and other structures, as well as vessel repairs and minor modifications.

Wharf and Navaid Repair and Maintenance Work

ECM has a track record of repairs, modifications and maintenance work to a variety of offshore structures including wharves, channel markers and platforms. ECM has used other vessel operators and professional diving companies on occasions for this work.

ECM has as part of its own kit, purpose-designed and -constructed access equipment and lightweight welding and power sources.

FW Heavy Lifts

The construction of Phase 5 of the Woodside gas plant on the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia was achieved using a module approach to assemble the plant. In the course of this work ECM were engaged to take care of the seven modules that needed to be placed onto the LNG wharf.

This was different to the rest of the modules which were essentially roll on roll off.

The seven modules comprised of 4 loading arms of 75 T each and three process modules at varying weights between 120T and 105 T.

These modules had to be loaded back on a barge using a Manitowoc 2250, the barge transported to the new LNG wharf, connected to a specifically designed mooring system, before being winched alongside(but not contacting), a jack up barge mounted Favco 1500 Crane for loading onto the jetty.

ECM were responsible for:

  • Preparation of procedures;
  • Lift studies for loading onto the barge;
  • Lift studies for loading onto the jetty;
  • Installation of Barge mooring gear including procurement;
  • Barge deck layout, positioning of the jack up barge, provision of attendant vessels;
  • Provision of all labour, supervision and engineering;
  • Design and installation of mooring system; (Ably supported by International Maritime Consultants, Fremantle)
  • Barge, Vessel and Lift supervision.

Reference client contact – Julian Carr-White Tel 0408 917 530, 08 9143 5709.

ECM has a track record of versatility and successful project and maintenance work. Here are few examples.

East Intercourse Island Fender Deluge System – Rio Tinto

The East Intercourse Island Iron Ore facility in Dampier Western Australia belongs to Pilbara Iron. After vessels are loaded with iron ore they are sometimes moved along the wharf into a lay by berth. This activity requires a water spray over the fenders to reduce the friction between the vessel and the fenders.

ECM were requested to develop a spray system utilising two 30KW pumps.

The solution ECM came up with required an installation that allowed each individual pump to be able to slide down a rail , with later withdrawal being made possible by use of an overhead monorail system that enabled the pump to be lowered into a waiting vessel.

The dual pump system enabled alternate switching. Sea water was then piped to each of the 9 spray nozzles located along the wharf.

The solution involved a purpose designed clip on structure that was erected by barge as it was not possible to cranes onto the wharf structure.

ECM were responsible for:

  • Concept development;
  • Detail Engineering;
  • Fabrication;
  • Installation;

  • Electrical work
  • Piping;
  • Commissioning;
  • Preparation of operations and maintenance manuals.